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Birthdate:Jul 13
Location:Arkansas, United States of America
I am totally random. I can make ANYTHING sexual. I don't think before I act or speak. I'm straight edge. I don't get mad easily, but when I do, it's explosive. I am almost infinitely patient, because I realize that some things are worth the wait. I care entirely too much for people, and will often put myself into bad situations to keep them happy. I'm Catholic. I'm a liberal. Yes, it CAN happen. I'm a Reddie. I can peel a banana with my toes. That is completely irrelevant, but whatever. I've learned to give things and people a chance that/whom I never would and it's helped me greatly.

I have the greatest friends in the world. Ask me about them sometime.

Peace, Love, and AFI,
Rosa M Adams.

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3oh!3, a separate peace, a7x, adam lambert, adam's manhood, adamgasms, afi, allison iraheta, american beauty, american idol, animal rights, arsenic and old lace, atreyu, avoiding voids, benches, blaqk audio, boo you whore, cassidy haley, cheese dip, citizen vein, coconut ghosts, congress, control, cookleta, david archuleta, david cook, democrats, depeche mode, dog tags, donnie darko, dude where's my country, ejaculating glitter, epic greek poetry, erotica, escape the fate, eyeliner, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, ferocity, fml, foundation, freckles, gay rights, glambert, glitter, good clean fun, gq motherfucker, gtfokey, hair dye, harry potter, have heart, hbic, it's fucking distracting, javey, jay brannan, joy division, kick awesome, kradam, kris allen, kris' glittery top, love, makeup, man crushes, manic bloom, mean girls, midgets, minor threat, moulin rouge, mpreg, music, my chemical romance, nail polish, news, nightmare before christmas, nipple pasties, noticeable bulges, obama, oh no they didnt, omg yay!, ontd, outspoken liberal, papa roach, peace, pink elephants, platform shoes, pocket idol, politics, pregnant men, pro-choice, queen of the damned, rainbows, reading, repo! the genetic opera, ryan seacrest, secret lovers, seeking proof, shaking and crying, sharing bathrooms, shoes, shortbus, simon cowell, singing, slash, smooth buttery vocals, stan, stanning, stiff, surprise buttsecks, the boondock saints, the citizen vein, the covenant, the cure, the da vinci code, the fountain, the gay tree, the perks of being a wallflower, the prince, the used, to kill a mockingbird, trained circus elephants, twitter, vampires, velvet goldmine, wicked, witty comments, women's rights, writing, your argument is invalid
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